SX350 Ready Box w/ VT 510 Connector
SX350 Ready Box w/ VT 510 Connector

SX350 Ready Box w/ VT 510 Connector

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Black and Silver Boxes in stock!!!
Note: there may a slight delay of maybe a day before shipping when ordering.  We finish them to order and is dependent on load.

Note: THIS BOX is ONLY for the 60W SX350 chip.   It will NOT fit any of the mini or Temperature J Chips.

Here's the project box you've been waiting for!  Machined box with cut outs, painted, and all the parts you need!

- Pre-cut for the SX350 chip
- Pre-painted in several colors
- Varitube Spring-loaded 510 installed!

- Everything you need included
- Battery sled installed
- Length of 16ga
- Screen protector if desired
- Screws and small screw driver
- New clicky switch .... needs assembly....see below

Building your own mod just got easier!  Add in an SX350 60W chip and battery and you're ready to go in short time!  

Note: it is not drilled for Tact switches but with some careful planning those can be added as well - but are not included.

Note: remove the 510 using a coin and disassemble for soldering.  When ready for final assembly we recommend using lock-tite or similar to keep the 510 connector from backing out.  It is threaded directly into the body.

Switch assembly - The switch now uses a 16mm AV housing and button with a 12mm clicky tact switch inside.  Provides a super low profile switch inside as well as outside.  

Switch Assembly:

1) Screw the housing into the box
2) Drop the button into place inside the housing
3) Slide the tact switch into the slot between the threads and make sure it is seated.  - Note you cannot install tact until housing is screwed as as it will not fit through the hole - Tip: To prevent button rattle use a small piece of double sided tape between the tact switch and button.
4) Next you need to glue the edges of the tact switch to the housing.  We used 5 minute JB Weld here.  We have not tried hot glue but you want a solid and strong bond.  Not a lot of force will be transferred to it due to the low profile but an epoxy like a JB Weld will securely it hold in place and if needed can be removed for disassembly .  Pictures below:

4 Stars
Very nice pre-built enclosure with extras
Nice presentation box magnetic closed. Everything needed to build except for the chip. Make sure you epoxy the switch dead center and suggest to shim it and use double sided tape, or you might not like the switch rattle or the switch throw. Without shims It felt to me that it was difficult to fire (~2mm depth). But I have large fingers and it's totally subjective. The box machining is very fine no gaps the only faults very minor where I got the plain no paint where minor scratches and deburing scratches around the USB port and venting hole. You might also want to use your own plexi window too, mine wasn't in good shape. Use a large iron or torch to attach the battery connections also take them out of the plastic holder first. Everything else is smooth as butter and I will be interested in purchasing another one soon probably in blue.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Kissimmee FL . on 3/1/2015
5 Stars
Very nice kit
Before I say anything else, let me say the this chip is awesome. It runs great and only took me a couple hours to build. There are just a few things I want to point out though. I got the chip with the up and down buttons pre-attached. I don't know if it was just mine, or if they're all this way, but the wires for these buttons didn't make a lot of sense. Considering they're for spst switches I assumed green went with green and gold went with gold. That's not the case. You'll have to power it up and touch a green to a gold to see if you have up or down, and wire it to the appropriate button. I was able to fit my buttons perfectly beneath the fire switch with very minimal measuring and modification. Also, the hole for the charger led forces you to install the USB port upside-down. I don't like my USB ports to frown, but this isn't a deal breaker for me. Lastly, I purchased the slightly larger self contained 16mm switch from varitube. It's a little bit deeper than the one that comes with the kit, but it fits. Also, the flange extends about 0.5mm beyond the curve of the box. It's barely noticeable, but if you're a stickler for perfection, you may want to go with the stock button. All that said though, this is a fantastic product for a fantastic chip!
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Philadelphia. on 4/2/2015
3 Stars
the quality of the actual box is amazing! well machined. plenty of potential. the issues i have is with the "extras" between wires that are FAR too small of gauge for what you should be using with this type of project. to a button assembly that is a complete joke... you shouldn't have to "glue" together jack squat in anything that is made of metal. that's about as backyard sciance as it gets. the instructions actually tell you to glue the dang switch on. which is recessed in a hole. not hard to get glue in a place where the button is stuck closed or dosn't push anymore because its gummed up. HORRABLE design for that. just buy a regular switch that can install in the hole. make sure they are momentary and can handle ~30 amps. and this issue can be solved. but with enough JB weld and determination you CAN get it to work. althogh be it ugly AF. as for the VT 510 connector being pre-installed. total BS. was NOT pre-installed and in fact the hole was NOT the correct size OR threaded. the materal is far too thick to use the lock nut to fasten it down in a threadless hole so. that was anotehr part that needed JB welding as well as getting lucky making the hole just small enough to where there was enough metal contact for the cuircuit. this wouldn't of been as much of an issue if i wasn't lied to and was expecting to have a tap on hand. but good luck finding a tap for that size and thread pitch. this could easly be a 5 star product and well worth the full $35 if 1. remove statements saying the VT 510 connector is pre-installed 2. thread/tap hole for connector or provide a tap with the proper specs. (both 1 and 2 can be null if they where just pre-installed) 3. include a proper button that doesn't require GLUE to install.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from . on 3/3/2021

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