Renegade RGX480 Squonk - American Skull
Renegade RGX480 Squonk - American Skull

Renegade RGX480 Squonk - American Skull

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Please note we are currently building to order and your device will take a few days to ship.  Thank you for understanding!

These are our standard graphics we are currently doing.  Graphics picked by us and produced multiple times.  

We also offer custom graphics selected by you for a additional fee.  Please Contact Us at [email protected] or FB PM to submit images and we'll tell you if it can be done.

Our newest Renegade device is here.  A single 18650 75W Squonker,  capable of Temp Control or Power.  The 3D Printed resin body is durable with an ABS quality.  Feels very solid and feels great in the hand.  Large squonk window and comes with our silky soft bottle and of course utilizes our own VT510BF connector.  You may request bottle color in the notes section of the order else it will ship with clear.  Wood option coming soon.

YiHi SX480BT Chip ...same as their new MX Class.75W, temp control as well. Big color screen. Blue Tooth control with phone App. Material is a resin based polymer that ends up with ABS like characteristics. Product goal is an affordable regulated squonk that looks decent, is durable, and performs great. @ $160 we feel we've met those design goals.

New chip features color display, Bluetooth connectivity, and joystick control.  

Here's the details:

Renegade RGX480 Squonk
Powered by SX480J-BT
TFT color display
Joystick Controller
Bluetooth App Control (Android&iOS)
Single battery 75W with DC-DC, buck-boost technology.
Supports Micro USB onboard charging single battery 5V/1A.

Specification & features:
.  Powered by the YiHi SX480J-BT processor.
 . It is a single 18650 battery device, with a maximum output of 75 watts.
. TFT screen
. Joystick control
. Bluetooth APP control, Android & iOS, adjust all settings on the phone.
 . Variable Joule supports all TC wire, SS/Ti/Ni…
 . Removable battery.
 . New innovative technology SXi-Q control system - Customize your own taste, logo & menu name.
 . Temperature control: Anti-dry burning technology.
 . Output Joule: 10J-75J. 212-572°F / 100-300°C.
 . Resistance: 0.05-0.3 ohms (Joule mode).
 . Output Voltage: 0.7 - 9.5 Volts.
 . Resistance: 0.05 ohm - 3.0 ohm (Power mode).
 . Taste modes: Powerful+, Powerful, Standard, Soft, Eco & SXi-Q-S1~S5 and novice mode.
 . Buck-Boost & Boost, DC-DC Converter.
 . Zinc Alloy, Stainless Steel
 . Upgradable firmware. Graphic user interface.
 . Reverse polarity, short protection, low resistance, low battery voltage, overheating & battery over-charge protection.

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