510 Connectors

Posted by MadVaper on 3/17/2019
510 Connectors
What is a 510 Connector?  Why is it called a 510?  Where did the name come from?

The 510 is simply where your connection is made between your atomizer and device.  In the beginning this would have been the connection between your cartomizer or clearomizer and your battery.  Whatever the vintage its the connection that passes power from your battery to the atty.

SO why is it called a 510?  Honestly its all guesses as this point but there is some math that works as well.  I personally do not believe when the threading was decided that it was named the 510 connection.  Again back before mods and chips the most common battery was called a 510 battery.  Usually 400mah or so and slim it also had the female threaded connector at one end to accept the male threaded carto.  The Joye 510 was very popular.  There were other batteries such as the 808 which were bigger and used different threading and larger diameter.  So again how does all this get me to the 510?

The threading in a 510 is actually M7x0.5mm.  Where 7mm is the diameter and 0.5mm is the pitch.  Why not call it the 705 :)  In metric threading pitch is the distance between threads.  So for the M7x0.5 thread that is 0.5mm between each thread.  The other way to look at it is 2 threads per mm.  If you happen to have a 5mm long threaded end it will have 10 threads.  Back then I believe (because its not documented anywhere) they aimed for 5mm connections with 10 threads of engagement.  I further believe that because of lack of standards they started referring to the batteries by threading type and we ended up with families of cigalikes with 510 batteries and cartomizers such as the very successful Joye 510.  We also had drip tips which we referred to and still do as 510 drip tips.  These fit into the cartos!  Same diameter ... hey may as well name them the same to be able to keep them all straight!  But why were they called Drip Tips?  ...... Maybe some other time lol.

So there is some info and our best guess on the why with some facts.  I view it more as interesting information.  What is more important is the connection needs to be high quality and reliable.  We are putting a lot of power through these connections.

Next time we'll discuss different types of 510's, their uses, & materials.

Until then Keep Calm and Vape On!

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