Due to the nature of these products all sales are final and cannot be returned or refunded.  Devices Dead on Arrival (DOA); or that fail within the warranty period will be replaced at no charge upon return and inspection by Varitube.com.  Return shipping fees are the responsibility of the customer.  

Unless otherwise stated on the product page, our electronic devices carry a 30 day warranty.  This warranty is strictly limited to manufacturing defects.  Accidental falls, Mis-use, attempts to disassemble, etc are not covered.  You will find our more higher priced mod's carry a much more generous warranty period.  

Sigelei Zmax carries a - 90 days warranty

Young June Lavatube - 60 days warranty

Vamo - 60 days warranty

That does not mean the device is built to be abused.

Hint....if your atomizer is not perfectly straight when attached to your tube....  DO NOT ATTEMPT to force it straight!!!  If you break the connector its your fault and its not covered.  It is not uncommon to see a long RBA or tank not perfectly straight when attached onto a mod and is not considered a defect.  

Hard drops to floor are also not covered!

Running it over with your truck .... right, not covered!

We are a very small and easy going company but repeated attempts to take advantage of this generous warranty will force us to tighten up our warranty policy.  It only takes 1 or 2 bad apples to ruin it for everybody.

Warranty can be huge positive or we can run with the pack.

Thank you for your understanding