A few words regarding coupons:

While we regularly offer coupons for 10% off it will not always apply to all items in an order.  When coupon codes are available it should be noted they are not stackable...meaning added to other discounts or coupons.  

Quantity Discounted Items
Certain items already have discounts based on quantities.  In these cases a coupon will not apply to the items.  The most common question is with regards to our 510 connector.  We have a sliding scale offering discounted pricing the more you buy. Once you cross 5 pieces the price for each is already reduced and a coupon will not apply.

Specific Items:
Certain items such as the SXmini Mod will not be discounted further as we follow MAP rules from the manufacturer.

On the Sale page some items are so low as to be at cost and coupons may not apply. 

Its only a few cases above where this occurs.  For the vast majority of our products the coupons do in fact apply but we get many questions regarding the connectors where a significant quantity is purchased and thereby a significant discount already provided.  In these cases coupon codes will not apply.

If there are any questions please contact us in advance.

Thanks for your support!